Emery chuckled as he watched Flamel’s antics. His laughter had no effect on the cat at first. Too excited by the catnip in his system, the feline tore around the house, even going so far as to launch himself up onto the wall.

When his laughter grew in gales of cackles, the cat paused, licked his backside and ran from the room. “I guess he’s done with me,” Emery said, smirking.

“You were laughing at him,” Miles pointed out.

“He was practically on the ceiling,” Emery said. “That’s pretty funny.”

“You’ve insulted his catly dignity. He won’t do that in front of you anymore.” When Emery snorted, Miles added, “Cat’s are very dignified, you know.” He sighed long-sufferingly when Emery dissolved into laughter and slumped to the floor.