Joshua always tried to find something to brighten his day while he worked in the clinic. The assignment could be one of the most aggravating ones in the hospital when someone’s foolishness caused a severe injury. It could be one of the most depressing when a severe problem wasn’t caught in time. It could also be one of the most hysterically funny assignments. These were the times when he had to take a moment and let himself laugh and enjoy the day.

“A sharp pain in your back, have you?” he said as he stepped into the room. “Do your parents know that you’re here?” he added as he saw the patient. She looked to be about fourteen or so.

“Yes,” she said. “It feels like something’s stabbing me but there’s nothing there. It really hurts. My mom is on her way. She signed the release form already.”

“Your one of the students at Clayton Academy,” he said as the thought occurred to him. All the students had release forms allowing their professors to act as parents when medical issues arose. At the girl’s nod, he tilted his head. “You went to the school nurse?”

“She didn’t see anything,” the girl said. “She said I should come here and have a doctor look. She said I might need an x-ray.”

“Can I look?” Joshua asked. The girl nodded again and removed her blouse as Joshua moved around behind her. The moment her shirt was off, he saw the problem and caught her hand before she removed her bra.

“This is the first time you’ve worn a bra, isn’t it?” he asked. By her blush he could tell he was right. “You have it on too tight, miss. The hooks are poking you. You took it off for the nurse to see, so she couldn’t see how tight it was.”

She loosened the bra with a chagrined look and then smiled. “That’s much better!” she said. She hopped down from the examination table and pulled her shirt back on. As she left she called back her thanks. Joshua grinned, shaking his head.