“It’s very hot,” Chloe complained. “Even when we go outside to play it’s too hot. But inside is boring.”

“I’m bored too,” Caden said softly. He stood up and looked outside. “It’s very hot,” he added, repeating his sister.

“I have an idea for something to do that will cool you off and be fun at the same time,” Jed said. He waved a hand and they followed him outside. Once in the yard, he filled a few buckets, as well as balloons left over from Caden’s birthday, with water. His arsenel ready, he grinned wolfishly. “Head’s up,” he called, tossing a balloon at Chloe.

The five year old shrieked as she missed and was splashed with water. It only took her a moment to realize what was on her father’s mind. She grabbed a handful of absorbent toy balls that lay nearby and ran toward the buckets that Jed had readied.

Caden caught on just as fast and grabbed the hose. Then it was Jed’s turn to scream as his four year old son sprayed him with the water straight from it’s source. The child even managed to use the hose to deflect a water balloon that Jed sent his way. However, Chloe got him with a squishy wet ball.

Then the battle was on in earnest. Amid shrieks and giggles they spent the better part of an hour cooling off and having fun. At one point, Jed wrestled the hose away from his son and turned off the water so they only had the buckets and other water toys to use. Soon enough their resources were used up and they settled back on the soft damp grass to rest.

“Are you two less bored now?” Jed asked, chuckling softly.

“Thanks, Daddy,” Chloe said. “How are we going to get back in the house without getting everything wet?”

“You two can change in the mud room,” Jed said. “Pull the curtain up between you so you can have some privacy. I’ll cange in the bathroom that’s just off the kitchen. I have some clothes in there and you two have your bags from karate in the mud room. Just replace the spare clothes before Tuesday.”

“You’re so smart, Daddy,” Caden said. “Can we have ice cream too?”

“How about we wait until Mommy gets home to have ice cream. She won’t want to miss that,” Jed suggested. “Would you two like to help me make supper? We’re going to have salad.”

“With eggs and cheese and rolled up meat?” Caden said.

“And pepperoni and olives,” Chloe added.

“Sounds good,” Jed said. He got to his feet and led the way inside. Soon Naomi would be home and they would get into their evening routine. The water fight had served its purpose and gotten them over the late afternoon hump.