But it May Just be Some Tuna Fish You’re Looking For

Jed stirred the bubbling pot and glanced over at his wife as she breaded the chicken to be fried. “What’s wrong?” he asked. “You seem a little quiet.”

“It’s weird,” Naomi replied after a moment. “Here we are making chicken with rice and gravy and all I can think it this breading would be great on fish too.”

Jed set the spoon down and grinned at his wife. “You’re craving fish?” he asked. “Do we need to stop by the drugstore tomorrow?”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” she asked, returning her focus to the chicken.

Jed caught her hands and brought her to him, murmuring, “Naomi, every time you’ve gotten pregnant, the first thing that happens if you want fish. It’s not outside of the realm of possibility, you know. I know we’ve been busy but… we still… make time for that and they do know that there’s a direct correlation now.”

“Are we ready for another one?” she asked softly.

Picking up on the tension in her voice, Jed snuggled Naomi a little closer. “Whatever happens, we’ll be fine,” he assured her.