Ally bounded to the top of the hill and then spun back to look at the tiny village that she’d come from. Just as with many lings, especially those gifted in magic, she felt a compulsion to wander. She didn’t know where her travels would take her or how far she would go before the compulsion left her, but she knew that it would be exciting.

Theories abounded as to why the compulsion came on some and not others and what caused it to leave. The scientifically minded felt that it was a way of spreading the gene pool to prevent inbreeding. Those magically minded argued that the magic itself compelled wandering, perhaps as a way of gathering energy. Her favorite theory was that fate decreed that they wander until they found their soul’s other half.

Ally looked down the wide road that stretched out before he and she smiled. Somewhere, someone was waiting for her. That person would make her life complete. She meant to find him, wherever he was. She scampered off down the road without a second backward glance.