As long as he could remember Armin had traveled. When his parents had been around, he’d traveled with them. When they had passed, he continued to travel alone. He didn’t like people packed in too close to him. Whenever he started to feel too tangled up with other people, he would move on to the next town.

That all changed when he saw the little ling woman scampering around the common room of the county inn. She had a smile that was like water to a parched man. Her green eyes sparkled in the soft light of the room with inquisitiveness and a certain joy at just being alive.

He ate his meal slowly and watched as she spun around the room collecting empty mugs and plates so the servers could bring fresh ones out to the patrons. Her tiny figure was perfect and a thought crossed his mind that made him blush.

A small part of him whispered that perhaps his travels were over.