In his travels Nicholas had been able to visit many different villages and towns, farmsteads and cities. The villages often specialized in certain things. One village might be more thickly inhabited by herdsmen and women, another by hunters and tanners, yet another might house those who grew vegetables or fruits.

All roads led to the various cites. It was in the bustling metropolises that shepherds, craftsmen, farmers and hunters would come to sell or trade their wares. The unique character of each village was a wondrous thing to behind. In stark contrast to this was the sameness of the cities. The inns and taverns had the same kind of musician playing the same songs, the same types of shops lined the streets. The only variety seemed to be in the layout of the city.

One thing that seemed the same even in the small villages with their great variety, was the reaction people had upon seeing him. His furry legs and cloven hooves, his curling horns; these features that had allowed him a kinship with his brethren, drove a wedge between himself and those he met. He knew that the only hope for his people lay in finding a place where their differences wouldn’t bring fear and hatred. He knew that it was not to be found in the cities of the men.

Soon he found a little country inn set on a crossroad. It was an inn unlike any other. The people who served the customers were as varied as the men and women they served. Here there were lings, eldar and dwarves, all working together, sharing the joy of a hard day’s work. He saw in this a working model of what he wanted for his people. If he could learn to work with this disparate group of people, his people could learn to live in the villages alongside the lings and eldar.

He approached the proprietor cautiously, wary of how his appearance affected people, but the man seemed inclined not to be bothered. They could use another hand in the kitchen and common room, someone to clean up at the end of the night. The hours suited his crepuscular ways and he settled back to wait and be ready for his time to start.