Since he was a boy the road had called to him. The loss of his mother, his home had made him inclined to look ever forward and constant travel had helped in this endeavor. If you were constantly on the move, it was hard to form bonds with those around you. If you never slept under the same roof two nights in a row, it was difficult for homesickness to find you. But then, he’d always had his brother.

Now he was alone. He was alright with that. He understood that it was time for them to find their own way and not be always together. Neirin had to move out from under his shadow. Besides, the younger brother was smitten with the lovely and lively Callantha. It was only right that he follow her.

So now Caledin was on his own in his travels. He didn’t mind. The road still called to him just as strongly. There was still just as much to learn; to explore. There was still just as much to look forward to. There was still no desire in him to look back… most of the time.

Some nights, though, when darkness closed in around him; when he’d been walking for too long without someone to talk to, then he felt a twinge of loneliness and a certain longing for home. It was on these nights, especially, that he would find a small inn to stay at for more than one night only. Some place where the conversation was as lively as the food was good.

As it did many a weary traveler, the bright lights and clinking glasses of the Tilting Tankard drew him inside. He found a seat at the bar and soon a glass was in his hand and a smile was on his lips as he became engaged in the conversation around him. He’d forget the loneliness of the road for a few days and the mystery and adventure would return. Then he’d be ready to continue his travels. There was still much to see.