Garth liked nothing more than to explore. He’d met like-minded individuals and formed a group of explorers. They may not be able to share all of their adventures with the general public but it was enough to learn and explore.

The team ranged in age from ten, if you counted Michelle’s son, to thirty-five. Their skills were just as varied. Garth himself was a mage capable of opening portals to different times, places and dimensions. Tom was a black-belt in Karate. Penny was a marine biologist.

The various skills and interests of the groups made it the perfect group of explorers. Today, they found themselves in another realm. As they seated themselves around the table at the little tavern, they looked over a borrowed map and planned the day’s exploration.

“I’d like to talk to the locals, get a feel for the culture,” Shane, the resident anthropology student said.

“Penny wants to check out the local flora and fauna,” Tom guessed. “We can stay a few days and use this inn as a base of operations.”

“Sounds great,” Garth said. He looked out at the bright blue sky, so similar to their own home and grinned. It was the differences that intrigued him. He couldn’t wait to start.