Home is where the heart is, or so they say. The saying always said to him that you were most at home where you felt happy and comfortable; where your heart – your loved ones – your family – was. Lately, he’d begun to wonder if that interpretation was entirely correct.

Did he have to return to his family to feel at home or could he find his way home even though he never set foot in his native home again? Could he find home in another realm entirely if he found his heart lay there. Neirin looked over at the fiery red-haired girl he’d grown to love and wasn’t sure. He missed his brother but he knew from experience that he couldn’t bear to part from her. It simply hurt too much. Home was where she was.

Still, he felt conflicted. He missed his brother – their talks – their laughter – their shared joy in learning new things. There were nights that chatting with Callantha paled in comparison. On those nights his heart –and his home – was with Caledin. How could he reconcile the two? He watched as the royal pair chatted with their court seeress and wondered what she was telling them. Was she telling them about him?

Then she kissed her father on his cheek and scampered over to Neirin’s side. “Let’s go,” she said.

“Go?” he asked.

“My sister can take my place. It’s time for me to move on. I can always see my family – in my visions. You can’t. Let’s go where your heart is leading you,” Callantha replied. “Home is where your heart is, Neirin. Let’s go home.”

“Right,” Neirin replied, taking her hand and leading her back toward the stable.