Miriam had to smile as the pride ran off. Of all the pride, she’d been chosen to represent them among the eldar. She thought back to when her father had asked her to head into the human town. He was the chief of the pride.

“The eldar don’t know of our existence,” he said. “We want to see how they would feel about us intermingling with them now that the wilds are becoming more settled. We can take on a form more like theirs, if that is more to their liking.”

“Yes, Father,” Miriam said. “Shall I tell them what I am?”

“Wait until you know that they will accept you,” he said. “If you feel they trust you and you can trust them, then you may reveal your true nature.”

Miriam bowed and turned toward the village. She would see the pride soon. She drew the eldar form around her and headed down. Two legs felt strange but she knew she’d get used to them, it was for the sake of the pride.