Dwyn tried to focus on releasing the centaur as he crept into the menagerie two nights later. He’d been unable to return the same night because his guardian had wanted to make sure that the plan was fully worked out.

Keeping the plan in mind. Dwyn crept through the rows of cages and stalls that made up the menagerie. Some of the animals were just that, animals. Others were like the centaur, intelligent. The problem lay in the knowledge that if too many were released at once, they would cause a stir. Then the distraction that his guardian was creating would go to waste.

He paused at one stall and stared for a full minute. The being within was intelligent, he was sure. He felt the eye boring into his soul. Then the gaze was broken and the being seemed accepting of him – and expectant.

Swallowing heavily, Dwyn picked the lock on the stall. Once the door was opened, the being hopped out. “I’m going for the centaur,” he said softly. He was not surprised then the being followed him.

“You – you did come,” the centaur whispered when Dwyn came into view. “They – they filed my – my horns.”

“It must hurt, I know,” Dwyn whispered back. “But bear with me and we’ll get out of here.”

The centaur nodded and Dwyn noticed his eyes lock with the strange creature briefly. With a slight shudder, he turned away. “How could he have caught the likes of you,” he hissed.

“I got careless,” the creature said. “Let’s go,” he added as Dwyn looked up from the now open lock. Dwyn swallowed heavily as he realized the creature could speak. Soon, the trio was silently making its way toward the shelter of the nearby woods.

“What – what is that?” Dwyn whispered to the centaur.

“All you need to know is they can read the true intentions of your heart,” the centaur replied.