Dwyn owed him nothing but instead of turning a blind eye to his plight, he stepped in and helped. He smiled slightly as he asked, “Why did you help me anyway?”

“I suppose I’m a bit of an idealist,” he said softly. “I really want to think that one person can make a difference in this world. I really want to think that the decisions I make can influence the world around me.”

“You can influence change – as in not making people who aren’t human into slaves?” Artesius said softly. He looked away and sighed. “My whole herd is gone. I have nowhere to go.”

“Is it possible that anyone else survived?” Dwyn asked.

“I don’t know. I read the wind. It’s too transient to know such things,” Artesius said. “I guess it’s possible… I… didn’t – I couldn’t examine the bodies too closely. It was too horrible. I ran off and then I succumbed to exhaustion. I guess… I don’t know,” he finished.

“If there’s someone else who survived, we’ll help you find them,” Dwyn promised.