Gwilym paused as he made his way back to his charge’s side. Dwyn planned to meet him in a particular clearing. He looked up and watched as a strange creature flew away into the night. He’d never seen anything like it. It seemed to be a mixture of a wolf and a cat with bright markings all over it’s body.

Dwyn was an idealist. Gwilym suspected that the boy had rescued the strange creature as well as the centaur that they’d come for. He wondered what the boy would do now. His father would want him to take the centaur to the manor. Centaurs were reputed to be highly intelligent. They were also able to uncannily predict the future. His father would wish to use these gifts – along with the physical gifts of his horns and tail fur. Dwyn would never do such a thing, however.

Some might view it as soft, but Dwyn felt very strongly that all beings should have freedom of choice. If the centaur wished to remain with him, he could. If not, he could go. The boy was an idealist, but that was why Gwilym served him.