Everything was moving according to the plan. Anderson had been able to convince the minor lords, who then convinced the majors ones, of the danger that non-humans presented. Simply put, they were not human and thus alien to humans. There was no way they could understand one another. Misunderstandings invariably lead to conflict.

It was so simple. The easiest way to prevent conflict with the nonhumans was to control them… or get rid of them. Then the nonhumans could be allowed to interact with humans in a safe, controlled manner.

It was all so simple – until now. Now Anderson paced around the tent like a caged animal. “How could they escape?” he raged. “What happened to the guard?”

“I’m sorry, sir,” the man murmured. “He was distracted. There was a disturbance in the forest nearby. When he returned the stalls were open and they were gone. It’s only those two, though.”

“Those two are the most dangerous!” Anderson shouted. “Find them!” He spun away as the man fled. The nonhumans that seemed so close to being human were to be feared the most. Around them it was easy to forget the differences; easy to forget the dangers they posed. The two missing beasts had to be found. He wouldn’t rest until they were.