It was a simple fact that being brave and bold did not make you right. It also did not always make things easier for you. Artesius bit his lip as he surveyed what had once been his home. His people were brave and bold when it came to defending their homes and the lives of their families. It would take a great deal of confidence for someone to attack them.

“If there’s anyone left, we’ll find them,” Dwyn said softly. “Try and hold onto hope. All is not lost.” Artesius nodded as the boy continued. He knew why Dwyn repeatedly told him to keep hoping, but a small part of him was losing hope. He felt so alone – even knowing there were other herds. If his herd – his family – was gone… he had no one else.

“Why did they do this?” he whispered. “What kind of monster does something like this?”

“A human one,” Gwilym murmured in reply. “There are some hoofprints heading into the forest there.”