Once the centaur herd was buried, Artesius returned to Hesperios’s side. He knelt down and took the younger centaur’s hands in his own. “We’re not the only survivors,” he murmured. “You’ll be able to find the others is you use your ability to speak with the grasses.”

“What about you?” Hesperios asked.

Dwyn found himself listening closely, though this was plainly meant to be a private conversation. He chewed his lip thoughtfully as Artesius shook his head. “I need to find out why the humans attacked us. I also want to see if I can rescue the ones who were taken away. You find what remains of the herd, then we’ll be more likely to find you.”

He stood and continued, “Hesperios, you will grow strong and lead the herd. Don’t be afraid. You’ll do well.”