People would take advantage of things; whether they were human or non-human. There would always be someone who tried to profit off of those weaker than they were. Artesius settled into a specially made chair and scrolled through the database, searching for particular jackal that had led the attack on the herd.

Dwyn wandered the stacks of the archives with Ari and Gwilym following close at his heels. The boy was wide-eyed at the thought of the books to be read. The bodyguard was wary of the unknown dangers the strange room presented and Ari wanted to make sure the boy didn’t learn some indefinable secret meant only for the non-humans.

Artesius sighed, then gasped as he found what he’d been looking for. “Cadoc Anderson,” he read. “He was attacked by fauns several years ago – probably got too close to their homelands. Fauns are very territorial toward those outside their kind. He’s been leading attacks on non-humans ever since.”

“Revenge?” Gwilym said softly. “This was about revenge?”

“Actually, maybe not,” Artesius said. “He seems to view us – non-humans, that is – as inherently dangerous. Just being near humans is enough for him to target a group, it seems.”

“He’s a monster,” Ari growled.

“He’s a victim,” Dwyn said. He shook his head and shrugged, “He can’t get past what happened to him and in his mind, he’s trying to prevent it happening to others.”

“But centaurs are a peaceful people,” Ari argued.

“He doesn’t know that,” Artesius said. “Now we know who he is. That means we know where he comes from. That will lead us to the rest of the herd.”