Dwyn listened to the elf on the council. Then they returned to the archives. He settled down to read about the man they were going up against. The whole time, the faun watched them, obviously not trusting them.

“Anderson has been busy,” Ari said softly. “He’s a landowner and he travels around with this menagerie. He has a family and a multitude of servants and people working under him.”

“He has everything someone could want in the world,” Dwyn said softly. “Why does he need to attack innocent people?”

“He want the one thing that never satisfies once you get it,” Artesius said. “He wants revenge. He wants to punish us – the non-humans; the demi-humans – for whatever we did to him all those years ago.”

“He’s been trying to get it,” Gwilym said tapping the computer screen. “He’s attacked several clans of non-humans. Those he doesn’t kill outright are taken and enslaved.”

“Taken where?” as the faun.

“That’s the question,” Ari said. “Where did he take them? We’ve found the females and children, but no males.”

“He has a home in the mountains,” Dwyn said softly. “They aren’t far from the field where the centaurs were and the home is secluded enough that no one would report a sudden influx of centaurs.”

“Let’s try there,” Artesius said.