The party arrived at the mountain stronghold well ahead of Anderson, or so Artesius assured them after consulting the box in his hands. Everyone had a plan; an idea of how to proceed.

Ari wanted to go in immediately. Gwilym thought they should wait for nightfall. Artesius warned that they needed intell before going in.

“We should at least observe the stronghold for a while,” he argued.

“Maybe we can do all three,” Dwyn suggested.

All three – observe, go in immediately and wait for nightfall?” the faun said, skepticism coloring his tones.

“Ari can go in now and get the lay of the land. That way we’ll know better what the fortress is like inside. Artesius can observe from out here. When we know enough about the stronghold and its defenses, hopefully by nightfall, we can go in,” Dwyn explained.

“By we, you mean us, Young Master,” Gwilym pointed out. “You are staying here.”

“Yes, Gwilym,” Dwyn said. He smiled slightly and added, “Unless I have an idea.”

“Alright that sounds like a plan,” Ari said softly at nearly the same time.

“Keep in touch,” Artesius said, handing her what appeared to be a ring. “Listening and receiving capabilities,” he added with a nod.

“Good,” she replied. She slipped the ring on her finger and flew off.