Emery watched the couple head out into the garden together. They seemed an unlikely pair on the surface, but Emery could feel the kindred spirits that dwelt within each. It was times like these that he remembered the other use his gifts had. So often he dealt with trauma – fear, anger, hopelessness, injuries and death – that he often forgot that he could feel the remnants of positive emotions as well.

“What are you doing?” Stevie asked softly.

Emery startled and then glanced away as he replied, “Feeling… I can sense the emotions of people around me – differently than Miles but similar. I get impressions of the actions that prompted the emotions – and are prompted by it.” He glanced back at the door the couple had left through. “He’s gonna kiss her.”

“Leave be,” Stevie said, chuckling slightly. “Give them some privacy, no more mental snooping. To think you’d analyze even that.”

“Habit,” Emery said with a shrug. “I’m a forensic mage. We analyze everything.”