“Chief? I’m not happy, chief,” Corny said as he bounded into the break-room. He waved a finger at the centaur and said, “Not happy at all.”

“What’s wrong?” Philias said, setting aside his mini-computer and giving the urisk his full attention. “Krys is playing around with formatting on the blog. I take it, you really don’t like the changes.”

“My tab,” Corny said. “My tab is gone. I can’t find it. It’s gone. My readers won’t be able to find it either. Pull up the blog, pull it up.”

Philias barely restrained a giggle and pulled the blog up on his minicomputer. Sure enough only the front page – his own contribution today – was clearly visible. The other pages were buried and harder to find. “I’ll tell her to fix the formatting,” he promised.

“You’d better,” Corny said. He turned to leave, repeating, “You’d better.”