Emery reached the terrace and winced as he felt another vision coming on. They did this sometimes, once he’d opened himself up to the trauma of one event, related events drew him in – especially if he was in a place with strong latent details. He sat on the first available chair and watched as the world around him shifted and changed.

The governor stood over him, frowning slightly. “What do you mean, pregnant?” He paced away and growled. “I don’t have time for this. I have an election to win, I can’t have anyone finding out about this. What was wrong with you? You said that you couldn’t get pregnant.”

“I didn’t think I could,” he whispered, realizing that he was inside the woman who the governor had killed. “You said we’d be married. You said you loved me.”

“I can’t marry you,” he murmured. “You’re hardly even human.” He spun back toward the woman and sighed, “What will the child be? Will it be human?”

“It’s…. hard to say,” he admitted. He winced as the man flew into a rage. Then he was back in the present. He closed his eyes as a wave of dizziness hit him. This too, was familiar. He shook the dizziness away and stood slowly, carefully. He needed to find Morrissey.