Emery scowled as he fought with his tie. He hadn’t gone out socializing since his Academy days and then it was more going to Hadyn’s room to have a little nookie. “Damn it,” he muttered. “Whose idea was this… date thing?” he asked Miles.

“Yours, brother. You said he never gets out and it might be nice to take him to that little jazz club. How are you getting there?” Miles stood and joined his brother at the mirror, reaching up to help him with the tie. “Niether of you drive. Are you planning to walk?”

“Hassett has some business out this way and he’s gonna give me a ride into town. I’ll get a room at that little hotel after dinner’s over,” Emery said. “You want me to call?”

“Just so I know you’re alright,” Miles said with a nod.

“Sure thing,” Emery replied. “I’m off. Have fun tonight.”

“You too,” Miles called as Emery dashed out the door. He smiled slightly and turned to the phone. In moments another line was ringing. “Hi,” he said into the handset. “I’m making roast chicken for supper, would you like to join me and listen to some radio afterwards?”

“Miles, hi,” Abigail replied. “Sure. It sounds like fun and Noah’s out. I’ll call the taxi and be out there in, say, fifteen minutes.”

“Make sure to have him wait so I can pay him, Abby,” Miles said.

“Ever the gentleman,” she replied with a giggle. “See you soon.”