Arturus crept down the stairs. Normally the watcher escorted him to the library – or really anywhere else in the manor. Normally if he was alone, he was locked inside. Normally he did not have free reign of the house. Today he did and he was at a loss.

He could follow his routine and go to the library to read until bedtime. He could explore the gardens or even go down to the party. He’d been told how the humans would hate or fear him. He’d been warned not to be seen, ever.

Just as he was making up his mind to go to the library, he heard a soft gasp from behind him. He turned to see a young boy staring, eyes round, at him. “A… cat?” the boy said.

Arturus gasped and bounded away, intent on getting away. Behind him, Miles sighed, disappointed at having spooked the small demi-human.