“This is taking too long,” Arturus growled. He was pacing and seemed anxious. “They’ll miss me if I’m not in my tower.”

“Listen, Brother is getting our supervisor. He’ll help us. Just try and be patient,” Miles said softly.

“He suspects that you already know, right? He might find a way to get away before you can catch him. He’s been running free for twenty years. He’s not about to go quietly to jail.” Miles heard Arturus growl low in his throat as they watched one of the governor’s aides approach him.

“We have you as a witness,” Miles hissed, as he hoped Arturus didn’t do anything foolish. “We’ll be able to get evidence too. He won’t get away with it this time.”

“The watcher is warning him,” Arturus hissed before he crept into the room. His movements were swift and agile. miles followed but quickly lost him in the crowd. He didn’t need to follow the other boy though; he knew where Arturus was heading.