Emery gasped and collapsed to the floor as a sharp pain lanced through his left thigh. His eyes grew wide as he saw a blade exiting the wound it had made. He looked up to see his captor standing over him, holding the bloodied dagger.

“Why? Why did you…?” he managed. He swallowed heavily as he watched the bright red blood pulse out of his leg. He was going to bleed to death, he realized.

“You needed help releasing your gifts,” the man said.

Suddenly, images began to flash in Emery’s head. Another boy about his age was in this warehouse. Another man with a knife stood over him. He’d been holding the boy for ransom but not the boy had served his purpose. The blade flashed down, the boy cried out in pain and horror. His blood flowed bright red, pulsing as it pooled on the floor. The boy sagged to the ground ad then closed his eyes as his strength left him.

Emery sat up, blinking in shock. The pain was gone from his leg. “A – A vision?” he rasped. “How? It was so vivid.”

“My gifts,” the man said. “My gifts enable me to send images – illusions so real that people believe they are so. Come, let’s look even further back. This site has seen many deaths and a great deal of trauma.”

Emery shook his head in denial as the man dragged him to his feet. If he needed to feel the previous trauma to see it, Emery wanted none of this.