Morrissey looked the team over and then turned to Warden Fowler. “Keep the crime scene sealed for the next seventy-two hours,” he ordered. Without waiting for a response he began issuing orders to the others. “Serenity, can you go with Warden Roderick and see if the witness is ready to be questioned? Check her for any magical trace as well. She may very well have brushed up against the spell, which would help us trace it back to the mage who cast it.”

“Yes, sir,” Serenity said. She bounded over to a waiting cruiser with Warden Roderick and soon the pair had disappeared around the corner.

“Miles, I appreciate that you feel fine; but you need to realize you were attacked by a magical construct and it’s possible that the spell may affect you adversely. I’m sending you to the clinic to be checked out,” he continued. “Go now with Warden Everett, if you would.”

“Yes, sir,” Miles said with obvious reluctance. He followed Everett away from the scene.

“Emery,” Morrissey started.

“I’m fine,” the teen interrupted.

“I know,” Morrissey said, mimicking his tone perfectly. He sighed and glanced at Hurley, who was grinning and clearly enjoying the exchange. Returning his gaze to Emery, he said, “Wait until I finish before taking my head off, if you please.”

“Sorry, sir,” Emery said softly. He nodded once to show he was ready to listen.

“Now, Emery, I’d like you to perform a stress test on the body as well. Determine just what kinds of injuries, if any, were inflicted before she was killed. In addition, see if you can determine if she was also a mage. If someone attacked her with a magical construct and if, as you say, she knew what it was, it’s possible she’s a mage herself, even if she wasn’t a practicing one.”

“Yes, sir,” Emery said. “We have to go to the coroners.” He looked up at Hassett then returned his gaze to Morrissey as he asked, “What are you gonna do?”

“Armand and I are heading back to the lab with the construct. He can get on tracing the elements that made it up and I’ll prepare it for the spell trace. Get going, now,” Morrissey said.