Hassett followed the magicians into the storage unit. They had only just arrived when the call had come in from Miles to specifically check the back of the unit. Either the suspect or his tools would be found there; perhaps even both.

They’d just cross the threshold when a soft thumping sound reached his ears. He peered into the inky darkness of the unit and gasped softly as a pair of glowing eyes met his. Not three feet from him stood another construct. As it lumbered toward the team, Hassett backed away quickly. Apparently, the mage had merely gotten a headache from the earlier encounter with Miles.

He heard one of the mages curse and glanced over to see another pair of glowing eyes. “There’s more,” another of the mages said, tension flowing through his voice. “Someone make a light, they – ” his voice broke off in a grunt as one of the constructs hit him. A solid thud followed and the mage sank to the ground as several lights flickered into view.

“Not good,” Hassett murmured as he saw that the team was surrounded by about half a dozen of the constructs. Then they were fighting for their lives as the monsters attacked. Spells flared and mages cried out – either with effort or pain and fear as the battle continued.

Hassett gasped in horror as one of the constructs caught the mage in front of him and bore the man to the ground, biting deep into his shoulder. “Get it off,” the man cried. Hassett growled and kicked the thing in the same location that Miles had earlier in the day. He was rewarded by a pained grunt and the monster doubling over, releasing the mage.

“Are you alright?” he asked.

“We have to find whoever it is that’s controlling them,” the mage said as he pulled himself to his feet.

“Back of the unit,” Hassett replied, gesturing ahead of them. Then he led the way through the fighting crowd. They reached the back of the unit at nearly the same time. The mage pushed open a small door and Hassett could see a man that fit the description that Emery had given from his vision.

The man sat in a plush chair in the middle of what appeared to be a lab, much like the one back at the station. He was watching the fight on view screens laid out before him. He spun around as Hassett entered. “Get him!” he yelled.

“Stop him,” the mage behind Hassett said, spinning back to face the constructs that were now bearing down on them. “If you can stop him, the constructs won’t have anyone to command them. They’ll stop attacking.”

Hassett nodded and dashed forward. In his experience, most mages didn’t defend themselves well against more mundane attacks. He found that his assumption was right as his fist connected with the man’s nose, knocking him to the ground.