just not posting during November. I got busy during National Novel Writing Month and haven’t posted since the beginning. I finished my novel and I’m sure I’ll post portions here in the coming days but since I’m over at my sister’s house, not today.

I’m going to focus on the Ballard Brothers for a while, partially because I’m really enjoying playing with those characters and partially because I really want o hammer out the universe some more. What started out as a Fullmetal Alchemist AU has really taken off into something huge and I love it.

I’m considering entering/joining WriYe next year and focusing not only on simply writing daily as I have been doing but focusing on a single project for longer than a single month. We’ll see how that goes.

Happy holidays to all the people who read my blog. Hopefully things will heat back up again with this. I’m usually horrible with daily journals and such-like. We’ll see how it goes.