By the time Emery made his way home, it was well after dark and he sorely wished he’d left the little tavern earlier. He hadn’t been drinking, as a minor adult he wasn’t permitted. If there was one thing he disliked about the harvest festival, it was the late night tale telling.

Miles had begged out of the night of frightful stories by saying he had a report to finish writing. Emery, on the other hand, had already said that he was finished with his work and couldn’t use this excuse. After hearing enough spine-chilling tales to keep him from sleep for a month of Sundays, he’d finally left. Now he walked, alone, down the dark, deserted country road that led to his home.

He paused and looked back along the path toward town as a strange sound reached his ears. It seemed like the stomping of huge feet alternating with a scuffing like something being dragged in the dirt. However, there was nothing to be seen along the path and he turned back to continue on his way, now at a faster pace.

After a few moments he noticed that the sounds had also sped up, as if someone was trying to keep pace with him. Once more he stopped, trying to orient himself to where the sound was coming from. For a moment, all he could hear was the panting of his own breath. Then there was a deep moan that chilled his blood. Almost against his will, he turned toward the noise and finally saw the source of the strange sounds.

There, in the forest to his left was a tall, humanoid creature. The thing had long arms that dragged the ground, large feet covered with heavy boots, a wide grinning mouth full of pointy teeth and a thatch of unruly black hair covered by a horned helmet. It moaned once more and started toward him.

Emery whimpered but in his fright he couldn’t make himself move. Then the thing reached one of its long arms toward him and caught him in one huge hand. Emery screamed as he was unceremoniously lifted off his feet. With Emery still struggling and screaming, the thing carried him off into the forest.

After what seemed like hours, Emery had worn himself out with screaming and simply lay limply in the beast’s hand. Only then did they stop. Emery gasped as the beast put him on the ground. “Please don’t eat me,” he whispered.

He was shocked to see the huge head shake back and forth in denial. Then the beast began pulling on his trouser-leg. “Off,” it said, the voice deep and gravelly, like rocks rolling downhill.

Emery nodded once and stripped himself naked, taking care to fold and neatly stack his new clothes. He looked up in horror to find that the monster was likewise naked. Without the helmet it seemed slightly more human but it was still tremendously huge. The giant settled on the ground and drew Emery into its lap.
“Taste,” it said and note wanting to anger the beast, Emery did as he was told. As the giant rubbed its huge erection over his body, he licked and nibbled the tip. Finally, with a great cry, the giant climaxed, showering him with its juices. Then it laid Emery, panting, on the ground as it dressed once more.

When he was finished, the monster lifted Emery up once more and carried him deeper into the forest. It paused at a river, looked around and then it laid him in a net that stretched between two trees.

For a moment, Emery lay, terrified, in the net. Then the beast walked away into the forest. Once he could no longer hear the distinctive sounds the monster had made when it moved, Emery carefully climbed out of the net.

He slumped to the ground and swallowed heavily as he realized that he was hopelessly lost and naked in the middle of nowhere, late at night. Miles was likely already asleep and wouldn’t be looking for him until morning. Then a soft sound reached his ears and he gasped.

He sat on the forest floor, heart pounding in his ears, as the sound slowly drew closer. It was too dark in the forest to see anything at all, save for the faint light from above the trees that had guided him out of the net.

When a slick, supple tentacle coiled around his ankles, Emery screamed. He cried out again as he was dragged across the forest floor. He came to a stop with something enveloping his feet and drawing him further inside. He gasped as light began to increase around him. He looked up for the source and saw small flowers all around opening to the night, a soft glow escaped their petals, lighting the area enough that he could see what was drawing him further inside with each passing moment.

Emery screamed wordlessly as his eyes took in the sight. Whatever the monster was it had a single eye and crawled on its belly like a large lizard. It was easily larger than he was and appeared to be devouring him. “No!” he screamed. “No, no, no!”

As the monster reached his hips, strange sensations flew over him. Far from hurting the sensations were almost pleasurable. Tentacles, like the one that had drawn him into the creature, were coiling around him and slowly easing into him. His protests became moans of pleasure as the monster took him deeper.

As it reached his chest, tentacles eased out of the orifice to tease his nipples, ears and mouth. He opened his lips to them and tasted them as he might his lover. His eyes eased closed and he felt himself climax within the creature. Then the creature was filling him and he fell free. The monster’s juices carried him as they flowed to a nearby river.

He almost expected to be carried away, or to drown. Instead, he sank beneath the water, still somehow able to breathe, and came to a stop on the silty riverbed. Emery lay back in the silt, a part of him wanted to swim to the surface, but he couldn’t draw up the will to even move. Then something caught him around the waist and he was brought to the surface.

In the light of a full moon he could see that the being who had brought him to the surface appeared to be a human, at least from the waist up. Below that was the tentacled body of an octopus. The tentacles spread Emery’s legs apart as the being began to nibble gently on his neck. Emery moaned as he felt their penises rub against each other.

Then he cried out as something slipped inside him. The being echoed his cry and they arched into each other. Against his will, Emery pulled the being closer as he was taken deeper.

The being shifted and he slid free of Emery for a moment before thrusting his erection fully inside. Emery cried out, as much in ecstasy as fright as what he now realized were tentacles joined the being’s hard member. Then the being climaxed, filling him. As he eased back out, he nibbled and sucked his way down Emery’s body until he reached the boy’s still erect member. Emery squirmed and moaned until he climaxed. The being disappeared into the water and he was alone, panting on the shore.

Soft splashing drew his attention and he looked up weakly. A woman was swimming toward him. It took only a second for Emery to realize that she wasn’t human. She swam up to him and began caressing his balls. As he grew erect, her fingers slid down to his anus. Soon she was fingering him deeper than he’d ever been before.

His member twitched, weeping precum and his legs and hips jerked spasmodically. Her hand was inside his as far as her wrist and she seemed intent to reach even deeper. Suddenly a shimmering light appeared above his head and the being fingering him hissed and dove beneath the water.

Vines emerged from behind him, once more drawing his lags apart as a smaller being lighted on his chest. Moaning softly the being slipped down, easing onto Emery’s erection. “Take me, human,” the being whispered as the vines pulled Emery away from the shore and up the shore until his back was against a tree.

As if the words were a command that he couldn’t fight, Emery thrust into the little being deeper and harder than the octopus being had taken him. The small creature moaned and arched into Emery until both climaxed with a sharp cry. The small being sighed in pleasure and flew away, leaving Emery panting on the forest floor.

He wasn’t there for long however. In moment the vines had lifted him into the trees. “Oh God, please no,” he cried as the vines began to slip inside and coil around him.

“It’s too many,” he murmured with a sob as first one, then another and a third vine eased inside him. A vine coiled around his nipple and he screamed. His eyes slid shut as another vine entered his mouth and another began to tease his other nipple. So many entered him, so many coiled around him, Emery thought for a moment he might go mad. Then he climaxed and felt the ground beneath him. He screamed against the vine in his mouth as he felt something hard slip inside him from one of the vines that was raping him. Another followed it and soon his belly ached with a fullness he’d never felt before.

The vines eased out of him and left him moaning on the forest floor, though they still held his wrists and ankles. Then he cried out as something began to slip free of his anus. Another joined it and another. Soon, he was surrounded by small pods. He watched as they grew small tentacle-like legs and shuffled away into the forest. Then he slumped to the ground and closed his eyes.

Time seemed to pass slowly, like it was edging by. Then, suddenly the sun was rising and Emery could hear his name being called in the distance. He moaned and sat up. He was surprised to find that he was dressed and unharmed. Maybe his adventures were simply a dream, cooked up by the horrific stories he’d listened to the previous evening.

“Miles?” he called back as he recognized the voice that was calling to him.

“Brother?” Miles called back. As he came around a thick copse of trees, Miles saw Emery and smiled. “Brother, thank goodness you’re alright. How’d you end up all the way out here?”

“I… can’t… I don’t know,” Emery said finally. “Anyway, let’s get home.” Miles nodded and led the way. As Emery moved to follow, he caught sight of a strange, one-eyed creature staring out at him from the forest. With a soft gasp, he darted ahead, catching Miles’s hand as he passed the younger boy. One thing was certain, he’d never go past those woods after dark again.