To say Teymarians were small was an understatement to the gravest degree. They were tiny. That didn’t mean that they could be ignored. In fact when working in concert, they could be quite dangerous. They could hide the sun and make it dark as night. They could invade clouds and cause tremendous rains and snows. They could even occlude breathing if they so chose. In short, they were not to be trifled with.

Thus, when observing or studying them, it was important to do so with the utmost respect. One did not want to anger them. Merlian watched in horror as one of his colleagues, a mousey man by the name of Math Stevens, forgot this small but important fact. He wanted a sample – or so he said.

As Merlian watched they swarmed him. He’d get his sample, but he wouldn’t like it. Merlian watched as he struggled and gasped. He was lifted into the air as he smothered. He floated above the heads of the silent trio of mages for some time before he was dropped to earth in a heap.

Talesin looked on in silent horror as Gwyon knelt besie their colleague’s still form. “He’s dead,” Gwyon whispered. “Can we go… now… please?”

Merlian nodded. He considered collecting the body but the tiny beings swarmed around it seconds after Gwyon confirmed his death. Talesin dragged the smaller man to his feet and pulled him away from the swarm. Merlian spoke into the communicator on his wrist, “Home base, we’re returning. Stevens is dead and the locals need some time to calm down.”

Gwyon and Talesin were already at the shuttle as the reply came, “Affirmative. Report to the sick bay upon arrival.”

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