“I think it’s kind of cute,” Henryk whispered as he gazed at the squealing beast.

“Don’t touch it!” Leonas hissed when his hand went out as if to stroke the soft pink snout. “It’s unclean, Henryk.”

“For eating, yeah, but surely…” he trailed off and sighed. “We can’t even touch it, can we?”

“No,” Leonas said firmly.

“But the poor little thing is stuck in the brambles,” Henryk said softly. “Maybe it would be alright if I touch the brambles and then he’ll run free.”

“Just don’t touch me afterwards,” Leonas said softly.

Henryk chuckled and nodded. “Whatever you say, Leo. Honestly though, you don’t think God would want us to leave a defenseless animal stuck in some brambles just because it’s been declared unclean, do you?”

The blonde seemed to wrestle with his conscious for several moments before shaking his head. “God said that we’re the custodians of his creation and didn’t specify. He told Noah to take two of every animal onto the ark and didn’t leave behind the animals that were later declared unclean. I suppose he wouldn’t be wrathful if we saved the little piglet.”

Henryk nodded and knelt down. “It’s alright, little one,” he soothed when the piglet squealed in fright at his approach. He reached down and untangled the animal’s hooves from the brambles and both nations watched as the piglet ran away into the underbrush.

“It was rather cute,” Leonas admitted, more to himself than Henryk. “I’m glad that it will be alright.”

“Me too,” Henryk said. He stood and, eyes sparkling with mirth, caught Leonas by the hand. “Let’s go see that priest,” he added when the scholar squeaked a protest.