Well, in the continuing story of Jason and Miranda, we learn that Miranda isn’t so perfect as we might have previously thought.  Jason isn’t either for that matter.  He’s been seen in a cafe with a pretty young thing (though he swears they weren’t doing anything besides chatting) and Miranda has been nursing her hurt over this for a few months now.  Her old friend Peter comes back to town and she starts chatting with him again, then going over to his house for a cup of coffee.

Don’t get me wrong, married folks can have friends, but not telling Jason she’s going to see Peter is a problem, going to see him as some misguided “revenge” because Jason might have cheated on her is even worse.  So Miranda and Jason talk for a bit and then Miranda goes out for a cool-down drive.  She contemplates going over to her parents’ house but ends up at Peter’s.  He doesn’t open the door immediately and she rethinks the wisdom of visiting with him.

“Sweetie, if you think you might be doing something questionable with regards to your relationship, you probably are,” is my thought… on to the questions:

Read Proverbs 4:23-26- Is Miranda following these scriptures with her current approach to Jason and Peter?  What might you say to Miranda to have her think differently about her actions.


I would say that Miranda isn’t following these scriptures with her current actions, most especially since she’s not giving careful thought to the path that her actions might be leading her towards and she’s not being steadfast in her marriage. She’s not cheating on Jason but only just.


I would point out the old saying: that two wrongs don’t make a right. She was upset with Jason hanging out with a girl in a coffee shop and uses this as a justification to go visit with her old friend Peter. Visiting with an old friend is fine but she should be open with her husband about it. In addition, the thought that she’s paying Jason back should not be what is prompting her visiting Peter.


Miranda asks you why you believe in God, what do you tell her?


I’ve always found comfort in my belief in God. When my father is sick, particularly when he’s been in the hospital, there is very little I can do. I can pray and be comforted that whatever happens, my father is in God’s hands and that God can help me get through it.


It’s easy to blame God when bad things happen to people but I’ve always believed that free will is a big source of the bad things that happen. People make choices and sometimes things happen to them and sometimes things happen to other people. I think that God rarely sends us things to test us as he did Job.   Most of the time, we or others make a choice and that choice results in consequences. (I’m not explaining this well, I’m sure).


I believe in God because I know that someone is in control of the world. I feel that and I see evidence of it in how God’s creation is – everything just right for us to exist and have intelligence. I see God in my life and how he’s blessed me, even in times that are difficult. I’ve lost people I cared for but I’ve always had a support system of one kind or another and I know that God has put me where I need to be so that I can get through those difficult time.


Miranda confides to you that she is feeling emotionally attached to Peter.  She wants to feel that way with Jason, but feels like she hasn’t been able to talk with him for a long time. She asks you if this is wrong, what do you tell her?

Miranda needs to remember why she loved Jason in the first place. Why did she marry him? What are his good features? She can use these as a stepping off point.

She also needs to talk to him and tell her how she’s feeling, without pointing fingers or accusing him. She needs to let go of his past wrongs and start fresh, not holding onto her anger with him and giving their relationship and honest try.