The saga continues: Miranda goes into Peter’s house and they sit down for a cup of tea and a chat.  Peter asks her what is wrong ad she says that she wishes that her husband was more like him.  Peter warns her back from that slippery slope. (He’s a good guy.  He’s attracted to Miranda but he’s going to behave himself, even if she wasn’t going to.)  He was a missionary and had been married.  His wife died while they were in Brazil together.  They were thinking of baby names and he teased one of her choices and she got mad and stormed out; only to be stuck by a car and killed.

Jason has been going to church and has seemed different lately (perhaps this is why Miranda is drawing away from him?)  She asks Peter when he became a “Jesus freak,” which leads to a discussion of Miranda accepting God into her life.  Peter helps her talk to God and tell him that she wants him in her life.

Miranda asks Peter if they can pray for she and Jason.  Write the prayer that you would pray for Miranda and Jason if you were Peter.

Lord, we ask that you help these two people remember why they chose to be married. Help them draw together in the difficult times they face. Help them learn to talk to one another but more than that; help them learn to listen – for in listening we find true communication.   Bring them peace and joy in their lives together.

What do you see as the existing obstacles to healing in Miranda and Jason’s relationship?

There are a lot of obstacles in their relationship. Miranda is obviously still hurt about Jason’s mistake with the girl in the coffee shop and he’s probably completely unaware of it. She’s been trying to get revenge on him for that by seeing Peter and though Peter is an honest man and would never be more than friends, Miranda could still push Jason away in an effort to end her marriage and be with Peter.

The both of them have problems in dealing with anger, especially in holding onto past slights. If they want to move forward in their relationship, they both need to learn to communicate better, expressing their feelings and what they need from one another. If they are upset by something, they need to feel that they can talk about it.   Neither of them should be bottling their anger up until it explodes or storming out in a huff. Instead they should sit down and talk to one another about how they’re feeling about what’s going on.

It’s funny.  My sister pointed out that my own marriage had problems with communication (I’m sure it’s a common problem).  I hadn’t thought about it.  I’ve been divorced for about five and a half years now and I’ve pretty much moved on.  My ex was very sweet when we started out and we seemed to be able to talk about almost anything.  We took walks and sat together and chatted over meals.  But as we moved on the lines of communication broke down.

He started holding onto his feelings and not telling me how he felt and, I suppose when he started withdrawing from me, I sort of let him.  I wasn’t going to chase him down and force him to talk to me because I’m a non-confrontational person.  At the same time, I knew we needed to talk and I was feeling very frustrated at him for pulling away from me.

At the same time as all of that was happening, other complications arose.  My ex stopped taking his depression medicine and that probably fueled his withdrawal.  He was also very passive-aggressive and had a habit of casually saying things to hurt my feelings and then telling me not to be so sensitive. (Like Mother Gothel in Disney movie, Tangled.)

Anyway, I can really relate to these two fictional people and I’m glad that I can look back on my marriage and not get upset any more.  He was a good guy, for the most part, and I wish him all the best (just not with me).