As a writing excercise I began following the themes at a community on Livejournal set up.  (the page is here:  I enjoy writing and have been at it for over a decade.  Generally I write in the fantasy genre, with occasional straying into more modern things.  An original world that I have been building for about the past five or six years is Mag Mell and it’s surrounds (the whole realm being called Donara).  My sister and I have this world as a shared setting for many of our stories.

The world itself is esentially like the mythological otherworld from whence it takes its name.  The mythological gods are beings known as deiva who have power over elements and live for an extremely long time.  There are many other kinds of beings that live in Donara.  Fey beings of all shapes and sizes, anthropomorphic animals and spiritual beings all have their own regions and tasks they carry out.  Since my sister has made an absolutely wonderful document describing the world, particularly the region of Mag Mell, I’ll place a link to that instead of copying her work.