Emery Ballard
Age: 14 – 16
Height: 163 cm (64 inches)
Weight: 143 lbs
Hair color and style: golden blond hair that is short and parted on the left side and falls somewhat in his eyes
Eye color: light blue
Complexion and skin tone: even fair skin tone
Body build: light muscular build
Facial features: full eyebrows, round eyes, thin lips, angular but boyish features
Hand features: long fingers
Scent: Emery smells faintly of the incense that he uses in magic
Vocal Qualities: light tenor voice, sharp, crisp annunciation

Mannerisms and gestures: When he starts to feel passionate about something, he feels the need to move around and often will start pacing.
Personality traits: confident, charming, friendly. Sensitive and cries with surprising ease. He doesn’t have much patience for fools or those he sees as such. He has a strong urge to help those in need, which may cause him to rush into dangerous situations
How do they handle conflict? Emery usually uses subtle sarcasm. He approaches dangerous situations in a calm and thoughtful manner.
Needs: Emery feels the need to prove himself as a capable investigator.
Ambitions: to be a full investigator
What is standing in their way? Presently his age, and people’s perception that his age should limit his rank.
Prejudices: He thinks very little of people of high station, seeing them as shallow.
Feelings about love: Emery finds thinking about love embarrassing; blushing and hedging around the subject whenever it is mentioned. He also views it as something to tease people about.
Feelings about crime: Emery is surprised at the foolish things that cause people to commit crimes

Favorite sayings: cat’s pajamas, cat’s whiskers; cat’s meow
Interests and hobbies: Emery enjoys singing and plays violin and piano. He also draws and enjoys visiting art museums to look at the artwork there. He likes realistic artwork more than modern art. He particularly enjoys artwork that the artist felt strongly positive about since he picks up on the emotions of the artist when he views the art.
Favorite foods:
Favorite colors: blue and red
Education: Emery went to a small rural school to learn the basics. His father began his magical education. Then he entered the Academy as a fourth year student at the age of ten. His second and third years were spent in the study of magical forensics.
Religion: Christian
Financial situation: comfortable, lower middle class
Job/Chosen Career: Deputy Investigator, specialty: trauma

Future plans: to be made a full investigator
Possessions they most value: his journal, a small angel figurine
Favorite room and why: study; Emery likes to read and most of his books are stored there
Vehicle: none, Hassett drives Emery and his brother back and forth to work
Favorite sports: Emery doesn’t watch sports or play competitively, however he and his brother are both skilled in martial arts, particularly Skurd Flit.

What is the neighborhood like? Emery lives with his brother at first in a small apartment, later in their family homestead outside of the capital. The flat they shared was a spacious two bedroom one. It was in a residential neighborhood that was mostly settled by other mages and scholars. The house they later live in is a large one in a very rural area.
What is his philosophy on life? Emery believes strongly in making the world a better place and helping people if you can.
What is his family life like? Emery had an almost idyllic childhood. His father taught him mage beginning from an early age and when he entered the Academy alongside his brother, the pair became even closer because they were both the youngest students in their grade. After the loss of their parents, the boy became all but inseparable.

Father’s name: Nathaniel Ballard
Age: 40 years
Physical appearance: short stature, light muscular build, silvery-white hair that is tousled and unkempt

Mother’s name: Margery Ellis
Age: deceased, died at age 32
Physical appearance: short stature, light build, long blond hair, parted in the center and often pulled back into a ponytail; blue eyes, pale and often sickly

Sister’s name: Penelope Ballard; stillborn, would be almost a year older than Emery.
Brother’s name: Miles Ballard
Age: 13-15
Physical appearance: Miles has short curly pale blond hair and wide blue eyes. He has a light muscular build. His face is round and boyish. He has full eyebrows, round eyes and thin lips. His hair falls into his eyes a little.