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The Handkerchief

Written on the occasion of the funeral of a dear friend who saw me through a great deal of my childhood, Mary Cloke.  I  realized the the handkerchief that I’d been using throughout the funeral was also the same one my sister had given me for my wedding years previous and this poem was my way of reconciling the two extremes.

Tears of Joy

—The start of a new life

—A new beginning

—Two become one

Tears of Sorrow

—The end of a life

—A new beginning

—A short separation

The tears mingle together

—An end…

——A beginning…


Life continues

A Journey

Was it in the dark of night?

Was it on the back of a donkey?

We know so little.


Shepherds… the lowly ones of society… called by angels

Wise men… magi… astrologers… kings… followed a star

Animals… sheep… cows… doves… goats… the first witnesses


An inn without room… without space… no place for birthing

A stable… clean… dark… quiet


Mary was a girl… a virgin… well-spoken… poetic

Joseph was a carpenter… a good man… he wouldn’t disgrace her

Jesus was a baby… innocent and holy


He would grow… from infant to boy to man

He would be tempted… teach, preach and heal

He would die… betrayed by a kiss… by a friend… for our sins

He would rise… our Savior… triumphant in glory

For now, though, we remember the beginning of the journey.


A little town… the city of David… Bethlehem

Easter Poem

Teach me a new song, O Lord
A song of joy and peace
This day of celebration
When you are raised
For us.

Teach me a new song, O Lord
A song of praise and love
This day of jubilation
When you triumphed
O’er the grave.

Wise Men Still Seek Him

There are great minded people who feel that God has no place in a world of science.
Sages, leave your contemplation, seek the great desire of nations
Chiefs from far before him knelt with gifts of fox and beaver pelt

There are people who feel that in a troubled world, there is no evidence of God.
God’s bright star o’er his bed, Wise Men three to him led
To seek for a King was their intent and to follow the star where e’er it went

There are people who feel that they can get through their problems without God
He was little, week and helpless, tears and smiles like us he knew
With the poor, the scorned, the lowly, lived on Earth our Savior holy

Sages and great and learned people may yet seek and know God
God hears us and answers us, though not the way we expect
God knows how we feel – he’s been there. He wants us to seek him out when we hurt.
Star of wonder, guide us to thy perfect light.

Some poems

We hear the songs
We tell the tales
of a star over Bethlehem
It was a meteor
It was a comet
It was a new star
It was a supernova
It was a box of simple gifts
Whatever it was,
It told of Jesus birth
Angels sang
Shepherds followed
Wise men searched
In a simple stall;
A cave
A place for animals
A warm place
Jesus was born
God’s son
Our Savior
A little baby.

Christmas is a time to remember the birth of Jesus
and to look ahead to his return.
Christmas is a time to be with family and friends;
and to remember those who cannot be with us.
Christmas is a time to remember traditions, stories and songs;
and to make new memories
Christmas is a time to slow down
and remember.
Christmas Memories

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