Aniketos watched the winged messenger as he swooped toward the gate. He landed just before he entered, hiding his wings in one graceful movement. “Captain Lithanos, a messenger is here,” he called as he ran down the stone steps to greet the youngster.

“Galen Ceraunos, reporting,” the youngster said as the lieutenant of the Fox Division approached him. “I bear a distress message from the Mouse Division.”

“I’ll conduct you to the Commander,” Aniketos replied. “Then I’m sure you’ll want a chance to rest.” The smaller man nodded slightly. He looked exhausted but he stuck to his duty. It was something that Aniketos admired. “I’m Lieutenant Raptis, by the way.”

Ceraunos bowed slightly and followed the older guardian toward the main keep. Hopefull they would be able to get help to the Mouse Division before it was too late.