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Mikyla was nervous, there was no doubt about that. Still she smiled and faced her audience of four confidently. After the initial introduction, she began singing. Her older cousin sat quietly sketching. The strange bespectacled man was smiling, but he seemed to smile at everyone. The final judge was inscrutable in his hooded cloak. His spokesman scowled thoughtfully throughout the performance.

As she finished the song, Mikyla beamed at each of the judges. She wasn’t terribly surprised when Michael shook his head and said, “She’s my cousin, so I can’t say whether she’s in or not. That wouldn’t be fair.”

“She’s in as far as I’m concerned,” the hooded judge said softly. “Maybe my spokesman can cast a third vote. He knows musical skill when he hears it.”

“She seems skilled enough,” the man said. “I say we give her a chance. As long as Michael doesn’t cast any deciding votes, it should be fine.”

“I agree,” the bespectacled judge said. “Perhaps we could get a different judge for the next round?”

“That sounds like a plan,” Michael said softly. “I’m just here to say whether I could draw the artwork that would go with the videos and album covers.”


“I like these words better,” Rye murmured as they listened to the song. “They seem happier.”

“Dancing as opposed to dying,” Kevin added. “Yeah, the version in the video is happier than the lyrics written on the page. That band obviously changed the lyrics to suit their needs.”

“Or the transcriptionist misheard the lyrics,” Leigh murmured.

“If the transcriptionist was deaf, that explanation might make sense,” Gareth said with a smirk. “Let’s sing their version, instead of the one written here.”

“I agree,” Hector said. “I actually considered this song for you before I found the written lyrics.”

Micheal grinned and held up his artpad. It was already full of images that matched the lyrics of the song. “I love ballads,” he said from behind the paper.

Kevin took a step forward and frowned as he watched the person ahead of him. The younger man said his full name, age and height. Before he even opened his mouth to sing, one of the judges was shaking his head. Had the man already been disqualified?

“I’m sorry, you don’t have the presence we’re looking for in the new band,” the man beside the hooded judge said.

The contestant sighed and walked off the stage dejectedly. “Next,” the youngest judge said in a bright voice.

Kevin swallowed thickly and stepped onto the stage. It was now or never. “Kevin Samuels,” he said. “Age twenty-three, height at five foot seven inches.” He paused and the hooded judge nodded at the others. As he sang, the youngest judge sketched furiously. The only one of the three who seemed to be truly listening was the bespectacled man on the far end.

When he was finished, all three judges wrote down a number on a scorecard and held it up. The hooded judge’s card read 10. The youngest judge held a 9.5. The final judge held a card with a 9 written on it. Beside the number was a sizable scribble, as if something had been scratched out. Beside that was a smaller .5, squeezed in almost as an afterthought. Kevin relaxed. He was moving onto the next round.

“We’re going to live here?” Rye asked in shock. He turned to the manager. The man was joking. The real house the band mates would share was down the road, perhaps in the next town over.

The man looked down at the map then up at the decrepit building and nodded. “This is the place,” he said with forced cheer.

“It’s got a certain character,” Michael said softly as he stepped up the creaking porch stairs. Rye expected the wood to give way under his feet but it held. “When we aren’t writing or rehearsing we can work on fixing up the place. When it’s done it’ll be beautiful.”

“And we’ll be old men,” Gareth muttered. “I’m sleeping downstairs. I don’t want the floor to cave in under me while I’m out for the night.”

“There’s a basement,” Kevin remarked, leading the way into the building.

“We’re going to live here?” Rye repeated as he followed the older boys into the building. He cast a glance at his sister. What, exactly, had they gotten themselves into?

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