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Heimdall looked up at his uncle anxiously. He wasn’t afraid, he told himself. The punishment wasn’t meant to harm. He would be placed in a position where it would be impossible for him to repeat his infraction. He would be youthened back to childhood and his memories of the events that precipitated the crime would be erased.

The man had been talking while he was thinking. Probably some kind of ceremony, Lord Tyr loved ceremonies. Heimdall glanced at Gna and she smiled tremulously. He took her hand and then took the apple that Lord Tyr was holding out to him. She took a second apple from the Lord of Justice’s hand. Together, they ate the apples, their second for the day.

The effects were immeadiate and dramatic. Heimdall felt his head swim and he closed his eyes, clamping his hand more firmly on Gna’s. When his head was clear once more he was much smaller. “Just how will you erase our memories?” he asked softly. “And just how much will you erase?”

“Not enough to change who you are,” Lord Tyr assured him. “Think of Lady Gna, what you have done with her and the feelings you have shared. Lady, you do the same.”

Eyes swimming with tears, she nodded. Still clutching each other’s hands, the couple focused their thoughts on one another. Heimdall felt a strange pressure and then the memories began fading away. First the evening they had spent together – the reason they were being punished in the first place. Then the days and nights they had spent together reading poems. Last their first meeting on the bridge.

Heimdall opened his eyes as even the memories of the punishment itself faded. He looked up at Lord Tyr and said, “Uncle, my clothes is too big.”

“I know,” the older man said softly. “The pair of you will need new clothes. I’ll bring you to the Happy Hall and one of the ladies there will take charge of you. Most likely, Lady Freya.”

As they were being led toward the hall, Heimdall turned toward the little girl beside him and said, “Hello. I’m Alarr.” He blushed slightly as he noticed she was holding his hand. She was very pretty.

“My name is Lifa,” she replied, flashing him a bright smile.

Heimdall settled back against the rock as he read the poem to Gna. Suddenly she burst out laughing. He grinned back. “I can understand where he’s coming from,” he said softly. “She sustains him.”

“I suppose,” Gna said softly. “Do you feel like my love sustains you?”

“Yes, dearest,” Heimdall agreed. “Like the poet, if you were gone from me, even for a moment, I would search for you.” She snuggled against him and they turned back to the book of poetry.

Heimdall watched the water moving on the shore. First one wave, then another would beat the shore. He could count them. He sighed and looked up to see the home he’d shared with his mothers sinking back beneath the waves. Settling back on the beach, he watched as it disappeared.

When it was gone, the young asa turned toward the forest beyond the sandy beach. He would now go to Asgard to be with his father’s people. He didn’t know what awaited him in the halls of Asgard. He hoped that he could at least find another home, as he had with his mothers. “Good-bye,” he said softly as he walked up the beach.

Heimdall had meant to ask Frigga’s permission to court the handmaiden Gna. She might have denied him still, but then again maybe not. However, he never asked, since their meetings were so few a far between. He came to love the girl from afar at first. After all, he didn’t know how she felt for him.

Then, each time they met on the Rainbow Bridge grew longer and longer, until there was no doubt that she shared his feelings for her. Then they were already courting and he realized he’d never asked. If Gna realized it, she didn’t mention it.

So the quiet, solitary asa gently and tenderly began courting the messenger of Lady Frigga. They stood together on the bridge watching the clouds and birds as they passed by. Heimdall read her love poetry from books she’d borrowed from the others in the Happy Hall.

Among their favorite was a long poem written by a man who’d loved a princess, though it meant his life. It was not too unlike their situation. Heimdall was sure that neither would die for their love but if they were discovered, they would be punished. Still they persisted in clandestine meetings and stolen glances. It had gone too far to ask permission now. If they must be punished, let it be because they gave each other all their hearts, not holding back anything.

Nous Sommes Fucked

“Loki,” Heimdall whispered. “What did you say would happen if your brothers caught you so close to Asgard?”

“I didn’t but it wouldn’t be pretty,” Loki replied. He closed his eyes and swallowed heavily before he met the redhead’s gaze and asked, “Why?”

“Because they’re coming… I doubt we can out run them in this grassland,” Heimdall returned.

“Then we’d better out-think them, I don’t want to think of the consequences otherwise,” Loki replied. He closed his eyes again, this time to calm his mind. Panic wouldn’t help and if he didn’t come up with a solution soon, both of them would be in a heap of trouble.

Heimdall sighed and watched, as he always did, across the rainbow bridge called Bifrost. He was the watchman, solitary and silent. Only when someone approached did he speak and then only to ask their business and send them away or allow their entry. Today had seemed no different, that is until Friga’s messenger had come across the bridge, returning from the human world.

“Good day,” she greeted. “I’m Gna; returning to my mistress, Frigga.”

Heimdall nodded and stepped aside to allow the maiden to pass. “Good day,” he murmured.

Gna turned and smiled, something no one had ever done. “The sun is pleasant and the air is fine today. Perhaps when I’ve finished my duties for my mistress, I’ll join you.” She scampered off, leaving him staring open mouthed behind her.

It was a beginning that would prove to be an ending. A forbidden relationship that could only have one logical conclusion. It was something he almost had no choice but to see to the inevitable end.

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