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“I like these words better,” Rye murmured as they listened to the song. “They seem happier.”

“Dancing as opposed to dying,” Kevin added. “Yeah, the version in the video is happier than the lyrics written on the page. That band obviously changed the lyrics to suit their needs.”

“Or the transcriptionist misheard the lyrics,” Leigh murmured.

“If the transcriptionist was deaf, that explanation might make sense,” Gareth said with a smirk. “Let’s sing their version, instead of the one written here.”

“I agree,” Hector said. “I actually considered this song for you before I found the written lyrics.”

Micheal grinned and held up his artpad. It was already full of images that matched the lyrics of the song. “I love ballads,” he said from behind the paper.

Rye stood silently beside his sister. Tears streamed down his face continually but she stood dry-eyed, almost calm. Was she trying to be strong for him? He hadn’t stopped crying since they’d discovered that both of their parents had indeed been killed by the intruders in their home.

He took a shuddering breath and reached out to clasp her hand. He sent a wan smile her way. She didn’t need to be strong for him. They could be strong for each other. Both of them felt the pain of loss. It wasn’t fair for him to be the only one to let those emotions to the fore.

Tears stood in her eyes and she leaned her head on his shoulder. If a few drops of moisture hit their joined hands, neither cared. They were together at least. They would be alright.

Leigh stepped into what would be her bedroom and smiled. As requested, it was directly across the hall from her brother’s room. She grinned over at him and he returned her smile, if a little wanly. They turned and entered the rooms and Leigh pushed the door partially closed, exposing the sliding door of the closet.

The stacks of dresses, dress shirts and skirts she had packed were hung in short order and she began filling the dresser with clothes that didn’t need to be on hangers. She was in the midst of this when Rye peeked into the room.

“Hi, Leigh,” he greeted. “I’m all unpacked. How’re you coming?”

“Almost there,” she replied. “From the outside the place looks like it’s falling apart but the rooms seem cozy enough. It’s nice to have my room so close to yours again.”

Rye nodded and began to make the bed. “Strangely enough, this is the most settled I’ve felt since… since we had to move in with Grandpa.” He stepped up to look out the window ar the forest behind the house. “It’s like home.”

Leigh nodded and joined him. “Yeah,” she murmured. “It’s like home.”

Rye forced himself to keep moving, even after he would normally have stopped to rest. They needed to get home. They needed to get away from the men who had kidnapped them. He glanced at his sister. She too looked exhausted, but continued to press on. Soon, he promised silently, soon they could rest. Something made him look to his other side, a sense of a presence. When he looked however, there was no one. He shook his head and continued down the dark path.

I Can Help You Cry

“There’s another song with a similar sentiment,” Kevin said. “I can’t take away your pain but I can help you cry or cry with you. I like that song, even if it isn’t something I’d usually listen to.”

Gareth nodded and murmured, “It is a sweet song.”

“I’ve heard a bluegrass cover of it too,” Rye said. He tilted his head and frowned. “It was… too bouncy and the phrasing was a little off, but overall it was pretty good.”

“Bluegrass?” Michael said, shuddering a little. “Please, no thanks.”

“The whole idea of these sessions is to expose us to music we ordinarily wouldn’t listen to, Michael. We listened to your songs,” Rye returned. “Needless to say it wasn’t something I enjoyed but I listened for its musical merits.”

Michael held up his hands in defeat. Rye grinned and scampered off. “What have I gotten myself into?”

“It’s what you get for torturing him with spoken word music,” Leigh replied.

Rye settled back and smiled as he watched effects the song he’d chosen had on his housemates. Michael was sketching, obviously inspired to give images to the story the song told. Mika had tears standing in her eyes, touched by the words. Kevin and Gareth, who usually talked during these sessions, sat quietly until the song ended.

“That was sweet,” Mika said, her voice cracking just a little.

Leigh grinned and nodded. “Rye loves songs that might tell a story or even hint at one. Mikey apparently does too.”

“Inspiring,” the artist said softly. He looked up, meeting Rye’s eyes. “Beautiful, simple but profound lyrics, deceptively uncomplicated melody. I really like this one. Good choice.”

Rye grinned. “It’s always been one of my favorites,” he said softly.

“You told him he was too young to have personal tragedies?” Kevin asked in shock. He shook his head and swept off to talk to the youngest of their group.

Leigh smirked and shrugged. “I know we’re very young and maybe it’s the stage names that threw you but about two years ago our parents were killed in a home invasion robbery. We were in the house – in the safe room. We heard them get killed and there wasn’t anything to do about it. I know you mean well but believe me when I say, yeah, we have personal tragedies.” She stalked off toward the front porch.

Louisa set her hand on her boyfriend’s shoulder and leaned in close. “I love you,” she whispered.

Gareth closed his eyes, mumbling, “They might have told me. He might have mentioned when I said that.” He sighed deeply before adding, “It’s probably too upsetting to think about. I really didn’t know. When I was fourteen everything was… perfect. The worst tragedy in my life was not having a date on Friday night.”

Louisa nodded and smiled slightly. “Is it any wonder he has nightmares?” Gareth nodded and sighed again. She knew he would make it up to the boy, somehow.

“There are a lot of songs that talk about the stars,” Rye pointed out, setting his pen aside. “I wonder why that is.”

“Stars have a lot of symbolism,” Gareth replied. “The have a longevity that people see as nearly eternal. They glow so they symbolize light, heat, warmth and fate. Then there are phrases and sayings that have to do with stars.”

“Like star-crossed lovers,” Mikyla pointed out.

“Written in the stars,” Kevin added. “That’s in a musical, actually. It’s a beautiful song, so poignant.”

“Why all the discussion about stars?” Melina asked as she entered the room.

“I’m writing a song and made reference to stars,” Rye replied.

“Which ones?” Gareth asked.

“Well, I am a twin,” Rye said with a beaming grin. He glanced at his sister, who sat on the porch, reading. “Did you know in the story of Castor and Pollux, only one was meant to be immortal. They were placed in the stars when the other died. His brother didn’t want to be separated.”

“That’s so sweet,” Mikyla said. “It’s like how you feel about your sister.” Rye smiled and nodded before returning to his writing.

Leigh stood brushing her hair as she looked in the mirror. It was their first day in the house with the other agents. She wanted to finish quickly, since she knew the other girls would be waiting to use the bathroom that they were meant to share.

She clipped her bangs back away from her forehead. And turned away. As she opened the door, she almost walked into Michael. He smiled at her and she smiled back, not even considering what made him so happy.

Gareth watched her as she scampered back into her bedroom. He looked down at his little sister and said, “Did she realize that she had no pants on?”

“I very much doubt it,” Gwenyth replied softly. “I just hope Michael doesn’t take anything by it.”

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