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Mikyla was nervous, there was no doubt about that. Still she smiled and faced her audience of four confidently. After the initial introduction, she began singing. Her older cousin sat quietly sketching. The strange bespectacled man was smiling, but he seemed to smile at everyone. The final judge was inscrutable in his hooded cloak. His spokesman scowled thoughtfully throughout the performance.

As she finished the song, Mikyla beamed at each of the judges. She wasn’t terribly surprised when Michael shook his head and said, “She’s my cousin, so I can’t say whether she’s in or not. That wouldn’t be fair.”

“She’s in as far as I’m concerned,” the hooded judge said softly. “Maybe my spokesman can cast a third vote. He knows musical skill when he hears it.”

“She seems skilled enough,” the man said. “I say we give her a chance. As long as Michael doesn’t cast any deciding votes, it should be fine.”

“I agree,” the bespectacled judge said. “Perhaps we could get a different judge for the next round?”

“That sounds like a plan,” Michael said softly. “I’m just here to say whether I could draw the artwork that would go with the videos and album covers.”


Rye stared out over the balcony and sighed softly. He was hardly into adulthood and had already had bad experiences with something he knew was a mark of adulthood. He had strong feelings for Mikyla and a part of him wanted to act on those feelings. However, whenever things began to get heated between them, he would end up pulling away.

“What’s wrong?” came her soft voice from the bed.

“Nothing, I guess,” he replied, coming back to bed. “I’m just… scared.”

“It’s alright,” she said, gently kissing his cheek. “We can take this as slowly as you need to. I’m not in any hurry.”

Rye settled back and smiled as he watched effects the song he’d chosen had on his housemates. Michael was sketching, obviously inspired to give images to the story the song told. Mika had tears standing in her eyes, touched by the words. Kevin and Gareth, who usually talked during these sessions, sat quietly until the song ended.

“That was sweet,” Mika said, her voice cracking just a little.

Leigh grinned and nodded. “Rye loves songs that might tell a story or even hint at one. Mikey apparently does too.”

“Inspiring,” the artist said softly. He looked up, meeting Rye’s eyes. “Beautiful, simple but profound lyrics, deceptively uncomplicated melody. I really like this one. Good choice.”

Rye grinned. “It’s always been one of my favorites,” he said softly.

“I’m all for exposing us to new and different forms of music but really,” Rye said as he settled in the chair and smirked at Michael.

“Really?” the artist prompted.

Rye chuckled as he finished, “The only end I’m waiting for is the end of this song.”

“This guy’s got issues,” Mikyla said, shaking her head.

“It’s a powerful song about the end of a relationship,” Michael said, with a shrug. “Who hasn’t had those feelings after they’ve made a commitment to someone and… you know, had their heart ripped out and stomped on.”

“Right,” Rye agreed. “Let’s just say it wasn’t my cup of tea.”

“There are a lot of songs that talk about the stars,” Rye pointed out, setting his pen aside. “I wonder why that is.”

“Stars have a lot of symbolism,” Gareth replied. “The have a longevity that people see as nearly eternal. They glow so they symbolize light, heat, warmth and fate. Then there are phrases and sayings that have to do with stars.”

“Like star-crossed lovers,” Mikyla pointed out.

“Written in the stars,” Kevin added. “That’s in a musical, actually. It’s a beautiful song, so poignant.”

“Why all the discussion about stars?” Melina asked as she entered the room.

“I’m writing a song and made reference to stars,” Rye replied.

“Which ones?” Gareth asked.

“Well, I am a twin,” Rye said with a beaming grin. He glanced at his sister, who sat on the porch, reading. “Did you know in the story of Castor and Pollux, only one was meant to be immortal. They were placed in the stars when the other died. His brother didn’t want to be separated.”

“That’s so sweet,” Mikyla said. “It’s like how you feel about your sister.” Rye smiled and nodded before returning to his writing.

“This has got to be the strangest religious song I’ve ever heard,” Kevin muttered. The twins giggled and he shrugged. “Really, you guys like it? It’s like a rap, but slower than usual and… religious.”

“It does express the freedom that people feel when they’ve truly found God,” Mikyla said with a toss of her hair. “I knda like it. It grows on you as you listen.”

“Like a mold or fungus,” Gareth said, taking the CD out of the player. “In a good way. I wouldn’t mind hearing it again.”

“Just not anytime soon,” Rye added. He looked thoughtful for a moment before he said, “Maybe… if it was faster?”

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