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Her panties were pink. He saw as she spun away to vent after losing her placing in line. She would have to go to the end of the line; which might lose her the contest, if all the places were filled. Smiling gently he caught her eye and waved her ahead of him. He wouldn’t mind standing behind such a beautiful girl for the rest of the day.

The watched and listened as the contestants ahead of them were chosen or rejected. He saw the grim smile of satisfaction as the girl who’d taken her place was asked to leave after only three steps of her tap dance. Then it was the girl’s turn to get angry. They watched in shock as she began screaming at the judges.

After she was removed, the contest continued, though it was a little difficult to focus. Rye smiled as the thought occurred to him that the girl may not have won but she was certainly a showstopper.


“I wonder how badly people mishear the lyrics of our songs,” Rye murmured as he sat listening to his mp3 player.

Kevin looked up from the book he was reading and shrugged. “Mishearing lyrics has to do with a lot of things. It can be anything from a relaxed speech pattern, an accent, unusual cadence or rhythm, even instrumentation. We tend to annunciate pretty clearly so most of our fans can get what we’re saying.”

Rye smiled and nodded. “That’s good to know,” he replied.

“Why the sudden interest?” Kevin wondered.

Rye stood and handed Kevin his mp3 player as he asked, “He’s not saying… anything about his mom, right?”

Kevin listened for a moment before he grinned and shook his head. “It’s the song title,” he replied.

Rye looked around the room at the four men, three of whom would be judging him. He smiled at them, as he’d been taught then stepped forward. They might like him. They might think that he was too similar to his sister. He had no control over that. All he could do was his best. The rest was in the hands of fate.

Rye smiled as Kevin startled at the start of a song that he’d suspected was familiar to him. “This is an awesome version,” he whispered. “They did really good picking songs that were modern and making them sound period.”

“I don’t care with the critics say,” Rye murmured. “This is one of the best musicals that come around recently.”

“It appeals to the teller of tales in you,” Michael added.

“You too,” Kevin said, pointing at the younger boy’s open notebook.

Michael shrugged. “It’s a good story and a good question.”

“We live for today,” Rye said with a certainty. “Yesterday is a memory. Tomorrow is a question mark. Today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present.”

“I’ve always liked that saying,” Kevin murmured as he settled back to watch how the show played out.

Rye stared out over the balcony and sighed softly. He was hardly into adulthood and had already had bad experiences with something he knew was a mark of adulthood. He had strong feelings for Mikyla and a part of him wanted to act on those feelings. However, whenever things began to get heated between them, he would end up pulling away.

“What’s wrong?” came her soft voice from the bed.

“Nothing, I guess,” he replied, coming back to bed. “I’m just… scared.”

“It’s alright,” she said, gently kissing his cheek. “We can take this as slowly as you need to. I’m not in any hurry.”

“I like these words better,” Rye murmured as they listened to the song. “They seem happier.”

“Dancing as opposed to dying,” Kevin added. “Yeah, the version in the video is happier than the lyrics written on the page. That band obviously changed the lyrics to suit their needs.”

“Or the transcriptionist misheard the lyrics,” Leigh murmured.

“If the transcriptionist was deaf, that explanation might make sense,” Gareth said with a smirk. “Let’s sing their version, instead of the one written here.”

“I agree,” Hector said. “I actually considered this song for you before I found the written lyrics.”

Micheal grinned and held up his artpad. It was already full of images that matched the lyrics of the song. “I love ballads,” he said from behind the paper.

Rye smiled as he listened to the important lord of state. He was attentive and sweet, everything that someone of his personality type was expected to be. Kevin knew as he watched the boy that the friendly face he was showing to the outside world was covering the terrified jumble of emotions that he held in check.

He’d read the younger agent’s file. The boy had been in the house when his parents were killed, hiding in a safe room with his sister. His first mission by himself had proven disastrous and nearly lethal. His second mission, when the agency had consented to partnering him with his sister, had been nearly as disastrous. Kevin knew first-hand of another terrifying encounter the boy had had with a group of street thugs.

Despite the smile on his face, Rye was not nearly at ease with this group of strangers as he appeared. Kevin couldn’t imagine how he’d handle spending the night in the unfamiliar place.

When You’re Alone in Your Bed

Late that night, Rye sat up staring around the room. Part of him wanted to go to his sister’s room. Part of him wanted to go to one of the other boys’ rooms. Part of him was too scared to walk across the dark space of his own room.

Tears came to his eyes. He felt very much alone. He couldn’t say, even to himself, why he was so frightened. However, there was no way he could sleep alone in the strange room.

He startled when his door opened. A shadowy figure filled the doorway and Rye swallowed a whimper. “Rye, it’s me,” a familiar voice said.

“Kevin?” Rye whispered back.

“Hey, kid, having trouble sleeping?” the older boy asked. Kevin sat down on the foot of his bed and Rye nodded slightly. “Want me to stay for a little while?”

“Just until I’m asleep?” Rye replied.

“No problem,” came the easy reply. Rye smiled and lay down on the bed. With the familiar presence of Kevin, he could finally begin to relax. Sleep soon overtook him.

I was Born Too Late

Rye smiled as they began listening to Melina’s CD. “This is one of my favorites,” she whispered. The group sat quietly until the song’s end. “What’d you think,” she asked finally.

“I liked it,” Rye said. “The melody, the accompaniment and the lyrics… especially those.”

“I think we’ve all felt that it would be great to go back in time and ask famous people how we can be better in one way or another,” Michael added.

See now, when you told us the name of the piece, I was thinking it would be about being born in the wrong era, you know?” Gareth said. He tilted his head to one side as the others looked at him curiously. “I’ve often felt like I was born in the wrong era. I’m not sure which era I should have been born in though.”

“I’ve often felt like I was born in another era,” Rye commented.

“What… a past life?” Kevin said. He chuckled until he realized the boy was serious. “Right… well, all right then. Anyone else want popcorn?”

Rye frowned as he read the newspaper article. “Why are people so greedy?” he asked the room in general.

“People think money is what’s going to make them happy in life so they pursue it. Some people do so to the exclusion of everything else,” Kevin replied softly.

“A lot would be solved if people could be satisfied with what they already have and not chase after other things too,” Rye returned. He stood, setting the newspaper aside. “I think… there’s a story in there.

“There’s a lot of stories in there,” Kevin said.

“Yeah,” Rye agreed absently as he headed to his computer to write.

Rye stood silently beside his sister. Tears streamed down his face continually but she stood dry-eyed, almost calm. Was she trying to be strong for him? He hadn’t stopped crying since they’d discovered that both of their parents had indeed been killed by the intruders in their home.

He took a shuddering breath and reached out to clasp her hand. He sent a wan smile her way. She didn’t need to be strong for him. They could be strong for each other. Both of them felt the pain of loss. It wasn’t fair for him to be the only one to let those emotions to the fore.

Tears stood in her eyes and she leaned her head on his shoulder. If a few drops of moisture hit their joined hands, neither cared. They were together at least. They would be alright.

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