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And other misheard directions.

Tiberius scowled as he listened to the other lords’ chatter. He wondered why all, save young Lord Shion felt the need to mumble. He looked up sharply as Lord Brennus calmly mentioned a nightmare. Perhaps it hadn’t been one he’d had, but one witnessed by someone else.

He always seemed to be missing something. It especially irked him when the other lords began to file out as if on some unspoken signal. “Where are we going?” he asked. He paused when Brennus said they were going to the lavatory to see something. “I’d rather not,” he said.

“It should be interesting,” Lord Shion said, beckoning him to follow. He was reluctant but came along anyway. “Do you have trouble hearing?”

Lady Aldura smiled and said something about his debt, or was it hers and he shook his head. “I’m not in debt,” he said. “Do we all want to go to the lavatory together? Will we all fit?”

Shion frowned and shook his head. “The laboratory, Lord Tiberius. Is there anything they can do about your hearing?”

“I hear just fine, as long as no one mumbles,” Tiberius replied. He was just a little in doubt however.

They would be wrong, of course.

Shion frowned and settled back to listen to his father’s advisors. As always, they were full of ideas to improve thing in the march. Some seemed to be genuine in their interests, but for the most part the young heir to the regions saw them as self-serving. He looked up sharply at the mention of his own name.

Once more, Mikal’s father wanted him to be sent to another court. “There are those that say you keep him too near your side, my lord; that he hasn’t the opportunity for growth. He might do well at the king’s court as squire,” the older man was saying.

“I can see the validity of that argument,” his father allowed. For a brief moment, Shion was afraid his Lord Father would relent and send him away. Then he continued, “However, since very soon he will be taking on special duties during my own absences from the march, it would be best for him to remain here.”

“Some say, my lord, that your son deserves a broader experience,” the man persisted.

Shion rolled his eyes, thinking of Mikal and wondering if the older boy had complained to his father that he was bested at arms practice by a boy four years his junior. He remained silent however and found relief in the fact that his father let the subject drop. It was settled, if only for now.

If there was one thing Shion couldn’t stand, it was being ignored. He knew that he was young. He was well aware of how short he was compared to other boys his age. However, he was the heir to the march and shouldn’t be ignored.

He stood watching the merchant as the man attended to everyone beside him. He suspected it was intentional. His suspicions were confirmed when their eyes met and the man turned his gaze elsewhere.

“Pardon me for intruding,” he said firmly. “I’ve been waiting for service for quite some time but if the gold I have to spend doesn’t interest you, I’ll try elsewhere.”

Leaving the man gaping like a fish out of water, he turned and calmly left the shop. Some day, the man would learn not to judge by appearances.

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