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Who Ya Gonna Call?

“Mice!” Jed growled as he stamped into the teacher’s lounge. “Oh how I hate mice.” He flopped into an overstuffed chair and shuddered. “I don’t care if they make good practice subjects for spells, they creep me out.”

“Being the English teacher, you ordinarily don’t have to deal with them though,” Thaddaeus pointed out. “What’s wrong?”

“Brigitta had some escapees from the batch she was raising for Christian and Morwen and since my classroom’s right next door to hers, they made their way in there,” he explained. He pulled out his cell phone and cursed when he remembered that the device didn’t work on school grounds.

“Who are you calling?” Thaddaeus asked.

“I was gonna call an exterminator to get rid of the things,” Jed replied. He stood and stretched before making his way to the landline that was connected to a nearby wall.

“You don’t need to do that,” Elena Ridgeley said as she scurried by. She paused long enough to snap, “They’ll kill the poor dears.”

“That was the idea,” Jed murmured, setting the phone down and smirking at Thaddaeus wryly.

Like a Virgin

Touched for the Thirty-First Time

Thaddaeus had been told that he seemed innocent. Most of the other professors seemed to forget he’d been married long enough to have a child. He was shy; that much was true. However, when he saw Maeghan, the thoughts that ran through his mind were far from innocent and pure.

He shook himself and smiled at the other professor in a friendly manner. “Hello, Maeghan,” he said softly. “I was wondering… if you had plans for Friday night?”

“The night of the school play?” she asked. “Well, I’d planned on seeing it. I’m told the drama club has outdone themselves this year.”

“I was going to see it too,” Thaddaeus said, his smile broadening. “Would you like to see it together, perhaps? Following dinner?”

Maeghan blushed slightly and glanced around. It wouldn’t do for the students to see their teachers behaving like school children with crushes, particularly toward another teacher. “That sounds great,” she said. “Pick me up at… half past five?”

Thaddaeus nodded and waved a hand as she started off. They both had classes to teach. Thaddaeus couldn’t keep the spring from his step. For the first time in two years, he was going out on a date.

Thaddaeus settled himself beside his wife and watched the various monitors that told him she still breathed and her heart still beat. He sniffled and leaned his head on her shoulder. There was nothing the doctors could do. Her disease had progressed too far before they’d caught it.

He closed his eyes and thought back to the day they’d gotten the diagnosis. The doctor had been sympathetic and soft spoken. He’d explained their options – limited though they were. The tumor was inoperable. They could try chemotherapy, but Shelby was pregnant and the drugs could cause a miscarriage.

She’d insisted on waiting until the birth to start the medicine. Lani had been born almost a month early. Thaddaeus watch both his wife and infant daughter struggle for life. Lani got progressively stronger. Shelby got progressively weaker. She lay in a coma now even as her daughter was ready to go home.

“Sir?” the doctor said from the doorway. It was time. Thaddaeus knew from talking to Shelby that she’d wanted to go with grace. She didn’t want to be forced to live tied to machines and unaware.

He nodded once. “Pull the plug,” he said softly. He leaned down and kissed his wife. “I love you,” he whispered. “Goodbye.”

“Let me go,” Thaddaeus said. He struggled against the shadowed figures. “What do you want with me?”

No one answered him. Instead they tied him down to a table. One held up something that gleamed in the darkness. When Thaddaeus realized it was a knife, he screamed.

Suddenly he was able to move. He sat up and found that he was in his bed. Down the hall, Lani was crying. With a shuddering sigh, Thaddaeus turned on the light. He rolled out of the bed and padded down the corridor. He hadn’t stopped having nightmares since his wife’s death.

Today, he would begin a new chapter in his life. He would begin teaching at Clayton Academy. He hoped that with a new job and new home, he could move on with his life now. He picked up Lani and smiled. “Do you like our new home?” he asked softly as she quieted. “Do you think it’s time to get up? I think it is.”

Monica Ferris

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A Land of Curiosity

From the files of Shynian Intelligence

Heather's Fancies

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