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Gratitude Journal

October 3, 2015

Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgiving, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings – William Arthur Ward

I found this quote and it spoke to me.  Almost a year ago, I changed jobs from a sales associate at Sam’s Club to an office assistant for the State of New York.  I was so thankful for the opportunity to work a better job, earn better wages and have etter benefits that everything… every task i was assigned was interesting and fun.

I remember the same thing happened when I first started at Sam’s Club.  I loved my job and enjoyed it much of the time.  It was stressful but I was just so grateful to be employed… to be earning a wage and not subsisting on the government’s programs or my parents’ tab.  I was once again an independent woman and it felt great.  I had people asking me if I enjoyed my job while I was at Sam’s Club and I always said, “yes, of course.”  Did I want to be making pizza for the rest of my days?  No, of course not but it was better than not having any job at all – just like the job I have now is better still.

I look back in my life and I know how blessed I am because of each and every opportunity that I’ve had.

Gratitude Journal

October 2, 2015


WellNYS suggested this as a topic and I rolled with it.

Five places that I went this summer: The Great Escape with my sister. It stands out because we danced and rode all the rides together and had so much fun. The Athens Street Festival with my sister. It stands out because we didn’t have to rush for the first time in four years and could take our time and enjoy the sights. The fireworks with my sister and Kim and her family. It stands out because we had so much fun spending time with the kids and I took my first really good picture of a firework exploding. Lake George with my aunt and parents and my sister. It stands out because we just had such a good time shopping and spending time together.   Lake Taconic with my parents and sister. It stands out because I had such a good time swimming with my family and just enjoying their company.

Gratitude Journal

Oct 1, 2015

In everything give thanks…. 1 Thessalonians 5:18

Everything is a hard thing to give thanks for. How should we give thanks when bad things, like floods or accidents, happen? We can give thanks that things are not worse.   Things can be replaced, but lives cannot. People can live without the use of an arm or leg. Lives may change – they may change irrevocably – but if there is life, there is hope and we can be grateful… we can give thanks for that hope.

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