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Galen stared around him as the flower petals drifted to the ground. They smelled heavenly and shimmered in the half-light of the late evening. “Starflowers?” he murmured.

“They’re your favorites, right?” Tindara murmured, catching his hand and smiling. The smile told him that she was behind the strange welcome.

“They are,” Galen agreed. “I’m not sure how you know that. I’m not sure how you did this… or why, but… it’s very nice.”

“I’d hoped you’d like it,” she replied. “Today’s your birthday. It’s the start of your gift.”

Galen blinked and murmured, “The start?” He would soon learn what other gifts the woman had in mind for him.

The Palisade Around my Heart

Galen was well aware of how Tindara felt about him. She went out of her way to talk to him or join him as he walked the perimeter. She was in the records division but that didn’t mean she didn’t have her own shift on patrol. They all took turns watching out for the wolves. The more eyes watching the less likely they would be caught by surprise.

The question was: how did Galen feel about her? He, himself, wasn’t even certain. He knew he was fond of her. However, he’d long since given up on any kind of relationship. He was a messenger. His job was one of the most dangerous of all of the security force. A small part of him wanted to keep that wall up; keep her at a distance so that if something happened she wouldn’t be left to mourn him.

Recently however, the wall around his heart had started to crumble. He didn’t know what to do about that. He wasn’t sure how he felt about it. Galen looked up from his musing to see Tindara smiling at him. He smiled back in spite of himself. Maybe a gate could be built in the wall.

Roses Are Red

Roses are red, violets are blue
You know how this goes,
But it’s not any less true.

Tindara sighed. Tonight was the full moon, when people of their region traditionally declared their love by the silvery light. She wondered how many platitudes would be exchanged. She wondered how many of those who declared their love would be finding someone new by the next month.

She glanced toward the other captain and smiled slightly. He would not be the kind of person to blithely give his heart away. If he ever declared his love by the glow of a full moon, she was sure that he would mean the words.

A jealous part of her wanted those words to be hers. A more reasonable part told her that Galen’s heart was his own to give. The only way he would give it to her was if he learned how she felt and they began a relationship. She stepped up to him and her smile broadened. “Would you like to join me for some tea?” she invited.

“Sure,” he replied, his voice soft and uncertain. It was a step in what Tindara hoped was the right direction.

Galen settled back on the grass and looked out over the beach. Behind him, the starflowers danced in the wind. In front, the waves lapped rhythmically at the shore. All at once he heard soft footsteps behind him.

He turned slowly toward the sound and was surprised to find Captain Lithanos approaching him. Ribbons held her hair in twin ponytails. Her uniform, like Captain Floros’, was bedecked with lace and ribbons. Unaccountably, he felt his face grow hot.

“Hello, Captain Ceraunos,” she greeted. “May I join you?”

“Of course,” he replied softly. He looked down at his lap and fiddled with the hem of his cape. “I figured I’d be the only one awake at this hour – besides those on watch, that is.”

“I came to gather starflowers,” she said. “The only time that blossom is in the twilight. It’s been weeks since we could actually get out of the compound. I was getting a little… stir-crazy.”

“The commander said no one can remember the wolves being as bad as they have been lately,” Galen murmured. “Maybe it’s because of the influence of the wolf masters. I went from being the lowest officer in my division to being the captain in a matter of years, rather than decades. Sometimes I wonder if I’m ready.”

“You’re doing fine,” Captain Lithanos assured him. “You’re very focused and intelligent and you do have a control over the full release of your sword.” She looked away, toward the blowing starflowers and added, “You aren’t the only recently made captain. Half of us only made captain in the past year and most due to the turmoil caused by the wolves.”

Galen nodded and smiled. “Thanks, Captain Lithanos.”

“Call me Tindara,” she corrected. She stood as he did. “Shall we walk back together?”

“Certainly,” he replied. “You may call me Galen, if you wish.”

She smiled and walked with him back toward the Compound. It might take some time, but she would certainly be able to draw the shy captain out of his shell.


It was rare enough for the members of the Civil Defense Force to get any time off that when there was even an hour of down time, throngs of them could be found around Lake Elia. Some would swim, others would merely relax in the sun.

Now was not one of those busy times however. It was early enough in the morning that many of those who would usually flock to the sun-kissed waters were still sleeping. Only one soul stood on the beach, watching the sun as it rose over the water of the lake; listening to the steady rhythm of the waves as they flowed in and out.

Galen was not the type to frequent the lake at its busy times. Baking in the sun or swimming the cool waters was not activities he enjoyed. He preferred silence and solitude. Lately, with the dangers these activities brought, he’d had even few chances to relax.

After listening to the crash of the waves on the shore for several minutes, Galen drew his sword and began to practice. His movements were as sure and steady as the sound of the water he timed them to.

Back in the tree line a solitary figure watched the young captain practice. Tindara knew the other captain would be embarrassed to be caught in this way, but since he’d joined their ranks she found her occasional glances in his direction becoming more frequent and earnest. They were equals now, after all. There was nothing, except Galen’s shy nature, standing in the way of them making a match.

Still, she would wait until he was ready before beginning anything. For now she would merely watch.

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